Closure & Cancellations

The practice is closed through at least April 6.

All classes canceled until at least May 11.

Please stay safe and be well! I hope to see you in a few weeks.

Acupuncture treatments can benefit anyone wanting to enjoy an increased level of health and well-being. Consider the following questions:

  • Are the stresses of life taking their toll on your physical, mental, or emotional health?
  • Are you continuously tired or fatigued?
  • Do you experience physical pain, which limits your participation in activities that you used to enjoy?
  • Are you seeing a physician to manage a chronic illness or ailment, and feel that you could use additional support to prepare for surgery, recover from surgery, or manage the side effects of your medications?

untitled 11If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I encourage you to try acupuncture.

I work with people who believe that they deserve to feel better, to experience greater vitality and joy. They understand that better health not only benefits them, but positively impacts those with whom they live, work, and play. My clients value acupuncture treatment as an investment in themselves and the quality of their lives.


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